Race Season Update

July was a busy month for the #3 Raybestos/Choko Authentics NASCAR Pinty’s Series team. Hitting Circuit ICAR and Trois-Rivieres in Quebec early in the month, followed by the Honda Indy in Toronto, a jaunt out west in Wetaskiwin and Saskatoon, and then back east to Riverside in Nova Scotia, the race team has been go-go-go for weeks. Unfortunately, the hard work that has been put in to the car hasn’t been paying off on the podium. Hathaway has been putting in some amazing performances, but car issues and the odd run in with other drivers has really held him back this season.

At Circuit ICAR, Hathaway qualified in 11th place, and managed to move up and hold onto the 6th position for most of the race. However, a broken axle lost Hathaway a number of positions, and with very few cautions it just wasn’t possible to regain the lost ground. Starting out in 10th place at the Honda Indy, Hathaway again managed to move up the ranks, gaining 5th by the midpoint of the race. When he tried to overtake the 4th place car, he spun out in the corner, losing a number of places. The team went on to Wetaskiwin Speedway on the 23rd, hoping for some redemption, but a brutal hit from behind sent Hathaway into the wall and the car was sidelined on lap 103. This was a huge disappointment for the hardworking pit crew, who gave Hathaway a great car to run with for the night. At Wyant Group Speedway, Hathaway led nearly 50 of 250 laps and settled into second for the remainder, but near the end of the night his car was diagnosed with a broken axle and he was done for the night.

With just a handful of races left for the season, August and September will hopefully see some better results for the team; some payoff for the incredible work they’ve been doing all season is certainly due. You can catch all the Pinty’s Series racing action all summer long on TSN; be sure to cheer Jason on! Here’s the full race schedule for the 2016 season.Check out Jason’s full Pinty Series stats here and check out his NASCAR Home Tracks video here.


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Brand Spotlight: Mopar



Founded in 1937, Mopar is the sole provider of authentic Chrysler, Dodge, Ram, Jeep and Fiat vehicle parts and accessories. Choko is proud to hold brand licensing for Mopar and to provide quality clothing and accessories for thousands of Mopar fans across the continent.

Choko and Mopar team up for multiple annual events to provide racing and car enthusiasts with clothing and accessory options they’ll love. In addition to employee sales at assembly plants across Ontario, Choko attends Mopar sponsored events as a vendor. The Choko tent is always a hotbed of activity at the Mopar Canadian Nationals held annually at the Grand Bend Motorplex in late June. Usually wedged between the Mopar display cars and the IHRA (International Hot Rod Association) trailer, the Choko apparel set-up is always a sought-after attraction for event regulars.


Event flyer for the 2016 Mopar Canadian Nationals in Grand Bend, Ontario

Moparfest is another amazing event where Choko apparel is a hot commodity. Originally a one-day event for members to showcase their own vehicles, Moparfest has grown since its inception in 1979 into a two-day gathering of all sorts of Mopar vehicles, with attendees coming from as far away as Florida for the annual event. The event currently boasts over 15,000 vehicles and an annual turnout of roughly 18,000 spectators.


An aerial view of Moparfest in New Hamburg, Ontario.


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Choko Authentic Apparel is located in Uxbridge, Ontario, a small but vibrant town surrounded by small hamlets and farmland. It’s the kind of town where you know your neighbours, and everyone else for that matter. Uxbridge, and the surrounding township, has a population of roughly 20,000, comprised of mostly young families and retirees. With numerous schools, sport and social clubs and a strong housing market, Uxbridge continues to draw people from surrounding towns and cities, and is growing every year. Choko is in an ideal location to represent the major automotive brands of Canada, with the major assembly plants of Ford, Dodge and GM all within driving range of their office. The rural and agrarian backdrop of the Uxbridge Township certainly lends itself well to the agriculture-based line of products Choko has been developing.


The beautiful and historic downtown; Uxbridge, Ontario

Uxbridge rests at the northern tip of the Greater Toronto Area and is only a 45-minute drive away from the city itself, making it a simple commute for those drawn to the town’s many attractions. Uxbridge is home to many annual events, including the Uxbridge Fall Fair, which draws crowds from the surrounding municipalities. Come Christmas time, the Santa Claus Parade and the lighting of the Christmas tree at the Uxbridge Cottage Hospital are cherished traditions. The train station, the old bomb-shelter turned movie theatre, and the high school are all historic buildings, among others, left relatively untouched, beyond occasional renovations. The town has also been dubbed the “Trail Capital of Canada” with much of its landscape crisscrossed with hiking trails.


The ever-popular demolition derby at the Uxbridge Fall Fair

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First Race of the Season!

The first race of the 2016 NASCAR Pinty’s Series season was this past Sunday, and Team 3 Red definitely hit the ground running. Driver Jason Hathaway gave an amazing performance in Bowmanville at the Clarington 200, clawing his way to the top of the pack multiple times after each set-back, and would have taken home a win barring a bit of a nudge that made him spin-out with two laps to go.


The Team 3 Red car, sittin’ pretty on the track

Coming off his best season ever, Hathaway placed second overall for the 2015 season, just narrowly missing first by a few points. A slew of victories last season had Hathaway and his team feeling optimistic heading into the new season.  Hathaway’s driving career has been on a steady incline since his Pinty’s series debut in 2007. By 2010, Hathaway had reached a career high of 7th place overall in points, with a grand total of 38 Pinty Series races under his belt, 23 top-ten finishes (10 of which he attained that very season) and 6 top-five finishes. He now sits at 68 top-ten finishes and 32 top-five finishes, with his statistics going up every year. He has won 8 Pinty Series races over the course of his career, and we should expect more in 2016. His skill and popularity have grown exponentially within a handful of years, and he was voted Most Popular Driver in 2015 by fans across the country.

Going in to Sunday night’s race at the Bowmanville Canadian Tire Motorsport Park, Hathaway was starting in the 6th position. With some quick maneuvering, he slingshot himself into the lead position, and managed to hold on to it for most of the race. After a pit-stop, he dropped to the 9th position and amazingly managed to claw his way back to the top once again. Hathaway led a career-high of 31 laps total throughout the night. But with just a few laps remaining, Hathaway was nudged off track from behind, with Alex Labbe dragged along. First place went to Andrew Ranger, with a number of cars sneaking in to fill the gap after him, while Hathaway and Labbe jumped back into the thick of things too late to regain their hard-fought places. Hathaway finished the race in 9th place. Still, his stellar performance throughout the bulk of the race should speak volumes about his potential for the 2016 season; despite an unfortunate finishing place, Hathaway definitely deserves some kudos.

You can check out Jason’s full Pinty Series stats here and view his NASCAR Home Tracks video here. You can catch all the Pinty’s Series racing action all summer long on TSN; be sure to cheer Jason on! Here’s the full race schedule for the 2016 season.


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Our Brands

At Choko Authentic Apparel, the goal is to create the highest quality apparel by pairing the best materials with relevant, trend-setting design. Our in-house sales team, purchasers and graphic artists are constantly researching trends, working on new concepts and developing clothing and accessories to suit customer needs. Choko’s various brands appeal to a wide variety of clients, and Choko continues to expand into different sectors based on industry trends.

Automotive Brands

Choko holds brand licenses for Ford, Dodge, GM, and Mopar. These automotive brands make up a large part of Choko’s day to day business. Popular car models and slogans are incorporated into their own design-work, and trends in the automotive industry directly affects trends in Choko’s own work. They arrange visits to automotive assembly plants for employee sales, typically on an annual basis, offering steeply discounted clothing to hard-working representatives of the brands they love. Choko gets involved with automotive events as well, setting up vendor booths at such events as the Mopar NitroJam Nationals. Choko also works with Snap-on Tools to create a wide range of branded clothing and accessories geared toward automotive specialists around the world. Sales representatives work closely with Snap-on franchisees to determine he type of sayings and designs that will resonate with consumers.

Agricultural Brands

Choko has deep roots in agricultural communities, and has both acquired licensing for agricultural companies’ branding, and has developed a unique agriculture-based brand all its own called Farmers Feed Families; they have even been named an official partner of The Ontario Federation of Agriculture. Among others, Choko uses the Kubota, Case IH and New Holland Agriculture brands in a diverse and practical line of clothing and accessories.

Independent Brands

Choko has developed a number of other brands, geared toward different industries and demographics that the company has a personal connection to. One of these brands, Hendrick Motorsports, emphasizes the ties between Choko and NASCAR, with Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt, Jr., being singled out in the branding. Choko has also developed the Hockey and First Nations brands, paying homage to the country it originated in.

The branding Choko has acquired and developed paints a picture of the community it evolved in, as well as the diverse cross-section of Canadian industries it feels a deep connection to. Watch for “Brand Spotlight” posts in the future to learn more about Choko’s diverse brand portfolio!

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Brand Spotlight: Farmers Feed Families


Based in a small town in rural Ontario, Choko Authentic Apparel has deep roots in the farming community. Uxbridge sits in a valley, surrounded by farmland worked by the local population. Founder Ed Hakonson grew up in such a farming community, helping his parents in their greenhouse outside of Markham. To this day, Ed keeps a small number of farm animals (chickens, etc.,) on his property in Uxbridge. Choko honoured its roots with a new brand geared toward those in the farming industry called Farmers Feed Families, designed to both demonstrate Choko’s connection to farming, and to identify and draw attention to our local farmers.

farmad Having created and registered the brand themselves, the Choko team is able to implement their own designs and slogans for the brand, purely following their passion for farming and farmers. Having a completely free hand in the design phase makes this a fun and very personal project for the entire company. With the entire Choko team living in or near Uxbridge, they all have been impacted by farming in some way, and it shows in the development and expansion of the Farmers Feed Families brand name.


The Farmers Feed Families brand can be found at TSC stores across Canada, as well as many other country retail stores (see list below).

Across Canada, the Farmers Feed Families brand can be found in TSC stores, Federated Co-op, Princess Auto, Country Depot, True Value, Peavey Mart, North West Company, and V&S stores, among others. In the United States, the brand can be found at Orscheln’s, which carries the full line. If there is no local retailer near you, just contact sales@choko.com and the great customer service team will help you out! If you’re looking for something custom to be made up, they can help with that too; your branding would look great with the Farmers Feed Families designs!

Be sure to check out the Farmers Feed Families brochure.

To browse and order, check out Farmers Rule.

For retail locations near you, try the retail locator.

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Small Company, Big Impact


Based out of rural Uxbridge, Ontario, Choko’s day-to-day operations are handled by roughly 20 employees. Don’t let the small-scale set-up fool you, though… Choko’s reach is worldwide. From international manufacturers, to dealers and clients overseas, and of course, the local employees at the home office, Choko has a global appeal. But more than that, Choko has taken on the mantles of social and environmental stewardship.

Choko uses manufacturers in several countries around the world, having been selected after comparative sample product testing, ensuring the best quality products are selected for their customers. Choko supplies automotive dealerships and numerous country retail chains across Canada and the U.S.A. with clothing and accessories. Choko also sells to Snap-On Tools dealers across Canada, the U.S.A., Australia and the U.K. With warehouses in both Canada and the United States, Choko can easily distribute and expand on a global scale.

Choko’s building in Uxbridge is state-of-the-art; the multiuse space boasts a modern gymnasium, providing an important option for work-life balance. Choko also keeps an eye toward environmental leadership, having designed the building with particular responsibilities in mind. Solar panels across the roof of the joint office and warehouse provide electricity, while both the heating and cooling of the building are independently run by a geothermal system.

Choko also contributes to multiple charities and causes, including thousands of dollars worth of merchandise every year to local charities. Choko has also run Christmas toy drives, with the proceeds going to the Stouffville Lions, and they participate every year in the East Ridge Church Christmas Dinner, which serves about 600 people in need.





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